Our work featured at SC11

RFML research featured at this year's SC11 during the KAUST reception

​Pro​f. Keyes mentioned our recent work on simulating a turbulent mixing in a spatially developing mixing layer as an example of the extraordinary science enabled by KAUST's own supercomputer. Prof. Keyes presentation included the following slide featuring a beautiful rendering of a conserved, passive scalar iso-surface by KAUST's visualization lab.

The members of the Reactive Flow Modeling Laboratory are among the largest users of Shaheen, the IBM Blue Gene/P system at KAUST. For this particular work, Dr. Antonio Attili used up to the entire supercomputer to solve the Navier-Stokes equations on 3 billion grid points. The simulation required 10M cpu-hours and produced data in excess of 100 TB.

Research on turbulent mixing processes is one of the key research areas in combustion science. The RFML team conducts active research in this area of applied physics.